Potty time…again….

With 5 kids, I have potty trained, well 5 times. While each of my children has been different in the age and what part of training was the most difficult, I have found that there are some key aspects to potty training.

My basic method is to put the diapers away tell the child they have gotten too big for them and they now get underwear. This is where it gets, well, messy. I literally put the child in underwear. The result, there ends up being a bunch of “clean spots” in our house as I have mopped up pee from one location or another. Last month I decided I was done with my daughters super sensitive skin and removing all acid food from our diet. It was time to venture into the potty world and be a potty girl (anyone remember that Barbie girl song from the 90s? If so feel free to replace the “barbie” part with “potty” and annoy yourself to death).

This is what my week looked like:
Sunday- we introduced her little potty and how she can use it anytime she wanted. We also showed her the new panties we bought.
Monday – We explained that the panties actually go on your bottom and not your head and put a pair on her. The rest of the day was spent changing pants and underpants about every 20 minutes.
Tuesday – We spent the day changing pants and underpants and mopping the floor every hour (note the fact that the time was getting longer). Everytime she peed on the floor, we would sit her on the potty and remind her that is where she puts her pee. That it is where mommy goes potty, daddy goes potty, and then we named every brother and how they go potty there.
Wednesday – A few pees managed to be on the potty but the rest was on the floor. Lots of clean spots in our house at this point.
Thursday – I was getting annoyed. I was sick of washing underpants out in the sink (we only had 7 pairs) and sick of cleaning pee. I was about to give up, but remembered that I promised that as long as she didn’t complain about using the potty, I would take her submission as enthusiasm. So we kept at it and only had about 3 pees not in the potty!
Friday – Every single pee made it into the potty and the same on Saturday.

Night time is a different story. She often wakes up to pee, but sometimes doesn’t. I honestly don’t know that I am determined enough to keep her dry at night to get out of my warm cozy bed. Maybe when she starts letting daddy take her potty at night my brain will start realizing that she does actually give signs in her sleep that she needs to pee.

For more tips, an oldie but a goodie: Potty Training from 2011

Mama’s little babies are growing up. Life on the creative side.

In a few short weeks, I will celebrate 12 years of being a mom. As a new mom, my goal was to raise children who were still creative and willing to think outside of the box as they got older. I always wanted them to know they were only confined by their own imagination and the toys I bought them reflected that desire. I bought open ended toys like simple building items, simple wooden foods, and simple musical instruments. I always encourage reading stories, dramatic play and allowing them to come back to play instead of having a game needing to be end because of the confines of a space or basket. Almost 12 years later I have not one but 5 kids who not only can think outside of the box, but often don’t even realize there is a box in the first place (unless it is a large enough piece of cardboard to make a shield). Yes my life is chaos in motion, yes our toys take a beating (but they have all survived 5 kids), and yes some days I wish just one battle could be cleaned up so I don’t trip on it, but I also remind myself that some day all the Lego battles, wooden towers and train wrecks will be gone and I hope that I am left with adults who put that same desire of completion, self motivation, determination and ultimately joy into the world around them to leave it a better place than when they first found it, with a little more love, a little more respect and a little more creativity. Our life is chaos, but I relish in the present to fill me for the future.

Building US History Class

Handwashing made easy

Last month my family went on vacation.  My youngest has very sensitive skin and has reacted to the soap residue in hotel washing machines.  We decided that this trip we needed to try something different.  What we found was definitely different, but also easy and fun.  We bought a Breathing Mobile Washer.  It basically looks like a plunger from the outside but the inside is an aerator to move water and air through your clothes mimicking the agitator in a top loading washing machine.   I was skeptical to say the least but within 5-10 minutes of squishing the mobile washer through the tub or bucket, even the diapers with poop were clean.  The process was easy. I  filled a tub or bucket with water and some Allen’s Naturally soap and then tossed in our clothes.  The squishing was fast and effective.  I then dumped the soapy water and went on to my rinse cycle.  I refilled the bucket with clean water and squished some more.  The last step was the hardest part of wringing the clothes out.  My husband and I were thinking we needed some sort of wringer or centrifuge.  Since that time I found a recommendation on their website from a brilliant mom who used the wringer from a commercial mop bucket.  That would make this everyday doable not just vacation doable.  Over all it was a great way to save power, energy and get my clothes really clean.  For apartments or those without washers, this would be a valuable asset and at $20.00 you  really can’t go wrong.  That is only a handful of loads at the laundry mat!



The squishing was so much fun that my daughter joined in helping wash her diapers.

After we were done washing, I hung the clothes to dry on a portable drying rack we made out of two pants hangers.

Two multi pant hangers clipped together and hung from the hotel chairs.

DIY Bookshelves

Got Christmas items that now need a home? Check out my quick easy do it yourself shelves.I am very proud of the bookcase I built for the kids so I thought I would share it.

This is what it looks like when opened up.

It is hinged so you can do it as a corner shelf or a flat wall and then when it isn’t used, it all folds onto itself. Now I need to go get a board to make a table top that will rest on the top when it is closed so we have more workspace. The best part is that even with all of the wood the whole thing cost about $75.00 and we bought good wood. The guy at Lowe’s cut all the boards so I didn’t have to figure out how to manage a circular saw with kids. He even cut the panel for the back.  I bought some wood screws, wheels, hinges, and a latch. My dad shared a great tip from my grandfather, his father-in-law, which I love to hear stories about him learning from him.  He was the type of man that all men should be, but I digress.  Anyway the tip was to clamp the boards for both sides together so that they are being drilled straight through and you don’t have to worry if you are a cm off. You still need to line the two holes per shelf up on the one board, but it is a lot less to keep precise. Then I literally just screwed it all together added the wheels and hinges. Had my kids sand it (kids are great for that and the LOVED it) and latched it shut.

Scavenger Hunt!

WIN an Ergo!!!!


We decided that since we started out online 11 years ago, we should extend the hunting fun to you our virtual friends.  So you have until September 15, 2013 to email us with the answer to the following questions.  If you get stumped, comment on our FB or comments here to ask for more clues.  You will know you have the right answer because you will see this little image on the page of our website. Everything is a clue to an item we carry in our store.

So now the questions:

Scavenger Hunt




  1. Have a kick at 4:20
  2. As a video game I was a success but the movie I was based off of was a box office flop
  3. The 16thpresident lived in one of these before the white house
  4. Great practice for the World Cup
  5. It’s a kugelbahn
  6. This Mother loves to boost your milk supply
  7. bonjour je suis une girafe
  8. I use to be a grass now I have wheels
  9. Weird Al would be jealous of these wheels
  10. Since life isn’t always full of straight lines, measure with these.


Email: Scavenger@littleants.com with your answers by Sept. 15th.  Happy Hunting!

Why Cloth Contest

Why cloth? We are having a writing contest for why you choose cloth diaper. All entries whether you win or not become our intellectual property. First place wins a $100 gift card and second place a $25 gift card. Entries due May 30th.

Not a writer? Refer a friend and if they win you win a $10 gift card.

You can submit your entry to orders@littleants.com by 12pm CST.

Please also include this signed agreement with your entry. Contest Agreement

Earth Day 2013

Another Earth Day is here.  I think I am going to spend this year focusing on one more area to improve our stewardship to the Earth.  This year my focus is going to be on growing our own food.  In the past we have worked on resuable items from diapers, napkins and paper towel all the way to mama cloth and cloth napkins.  We are still doing pretty well keeping up with that and have hit almost the 5 year mark of being without a clothes dryer.  The area that I always slack off is the garden.  We have a rain barrel, a composter and a raised bed but honestly the mix of me not being a morning person and not wanting to be in the sun when it is 100 degrees combined with really sweet blood (aka mosquitoes love me), has me usually wimp out half way through the growing season.  What is your green goal for the year and any tips on how to keep my garden going this year?


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