Alleluia! The song of the child

Every Ash Wednesday, our atrium makes beautiful prayer cards with the simple word of Alleluia written on it. The word of rejoicing, the word that promises resurrection and life. We then bury these beautiful cards in what we hope is a water tight container. We wait for 6 long weeks to bring those words back to life. The children mourn the loss of this simple word, for this word is the song and yearning of their heart and soul. The atrium children are an Alleluia people. Today is Easter Sunday and as we finally sang the Alleluia again, it struck me as I looked around the church how much the Church needs to bring the children. The adult congregation needs the Alleluia of the child every day of the year. We are called to be a resurrection people and the Good Shepherd gave us the voice of the child filled with joy of his Resurrection to be His Alleluia alive in our world. “

Alleluia!! and God Bless.

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