Painting on our white garment

I have been working on restoring a 130 year old house. Behind the kitchen range and cabinets was years (decades?) worth of grease and grim. I scrubbed and scrubbed those wall until they were no longer brown and sticky, but they still just felt, well dirty. I popped open a can of white stain blocking primer and began to paint away. It then struck me how much the gift of confession is like that can of primer. We can forgive, we can show remorse, we can try to move on cleaning ourselves the best we can, but we still just don’t feel quite clean. As we enter the confessional we bring the best we have but we leave with a brand new sparkling clean white garment. A coat of fresh primer that not only makes us look cleaner, but helps block the stains. It is only after this “primer” that we are ready for a fresh new color, a fresh start a new beginning to shine forth.  And how lucky are we that our painter, has plenty of primer and brush strokes that He never tires of

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