Enthronement of the Holy Bible

Today enthroned the Holy Bible as an atrium while gathered around the prayer table. We lifted up the gift that is the Holy Bible, the word of God for His people. We then lit two candles and read a short passage from the holy Bible in gratitude for the gift. As a community we sang alleluia, the response of praise and Thanksgiving that is the song of the 3 to 6-year-old child. The Holy Bible was then processed from its throne at the entrance of the prayer corner  to a stand on our prayer table where we close in prayer with song, prayers of petition, prayers of gratitude, and the prayers memorized in our hearts. These small gestures plant a seed of awe and wonder in the gifts that God has given us and the ways that we lift them up in the liturgy of the mass. It never stops amazing me how a group of children  can sit so still and so silent when presented with the gift of the Holy Bible. Their eyes were fixated on the beauty of the white leather, the crisp golden letters, and the beautiful gold gilded edges. It reminds me to slow down and spend more time in appreciation for the beauty that God has given, surrounding us every day. I pray that you have a blessed and holy week and continue to let your children show you the beauty that they see.

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