Adult Retreat

Join us March 29-31 for a time away from the rush of life and enter into a verdant pasture where the Good Shepherd knows his sheep, calls his sheep and allows them time to respond.  We will spend Friday evening pondering and meditating on the Good Shepherd.  Saturday will bring an opportunity to explore the Mystery of Life and Death, the events on Holy Thursday in the Upper Room or Cenacle, our call to Remain on the Vine, and plenty of time to pray, visit, and receive the graces of reconciliation.  Sunday we will explore our call to be a people of the Resurrection.

$40 Registration Price includes Lunch and Dinner Saturday.

Friday: 6:00-8:30pm
Saturday: 10-7:30pm
Sunday: 1-4pm

Place: A Verdant Pasture Atrium at 2820 Lincoln Ave. Evansville, IN

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